About Us

Experience Meets Innovation

In 1986 the founder of Comfort Revolution created the first egg crate foam mattress pads for retail. In 1996 he unveiled the first memory foam mattress pads to retail. The sleep business hasn't been the same since. In creating Comfort Revolution, the goal was to redefine sleep in a way that would transform how people experience their time awake. Rest better. Feel better. Live better. Repeat.

The Comfort Revolution culture is all about new ideas, new materials, and new solutions. We constantly seek revolutionary ways to apply comfort to new areas of people's lives:

in revolutionary products.in revolutionary categories.in revolutionary packaging.

Add to that our commitment to offering the very best for a lot less money, and you start to see how Comfort Revolution is redefining comfort.

All this is possible because the people at Comfort Revolution are very smart and more than a little different. Where some see ordinary, we see a new way. The spark of an idea. An opportunity. When you take smart people who see things differently and put them together, you get a revolution.

Comfort Revolution. Join us.