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Refresh Your Video Call Background (and Bedroom)

As many continue an at-home quarantine journey into month five (or the longest March ever), we’ve officially acclimated to a video-chat world. While most of us have mastered the “business on the top, bedtime on the bottom” look, there’s nothing worse than noticing your overflowing laundry basket or messy bed staring back at you during an important virtual work meeting.  

Here at Comfort Revolution, we are all about innovating. And sometimes, innovation requires just a few simple clicks! With our cool & comfy bedroom video-chat backgrounds, no need to worry about that dirty laundry or making your bed in the morning. Just download your vibe, upload the image to your fave video chat tool, and sit back and relax (like, really relax).

We have bedroom backgrounds for any vibe, so you can spend a few extra minutes in bed every morning without compromising style. Download one, or download them all! Convince your coworkers that you’ve moved into a 7-bedroom house and work from a different room each day – we won’t tell! 

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Comfort Revolution Originals

Comfort Revolution Originals 
Better sleep leads to brighter ideas, and that’s no secret in this room. You’re a modern minimalist, perfectly organized, and ready to tackle any challenges that come your way today.

Comfort Revolution Goodnight+Glow

Comfort Revolution Goodnight + Glow 
A true glow-getter. You were going to brush your hair today even if you didn’t have to be on camera for a meeting, and this bedroom proves it.

Comfort Revolution FreshFoam

Comfort Revolution FreshFoam™

Not only do you always have an empty laundry basket, you wash your bedding once a week (including your FreshFoam memory foam pillow and its case). This bedroom says “I have always been washing my hands for 20+ seconds.”

Comfort Revolution Aromatherapy - Chamomile

Comfort Revolution Aromatherapy - Chamomile 
In this bedroom, your early morning yoga practice and cup of chamomile tea has you ultra-calm and ready to take on the world by the time the clock strikes 9:00 AM.  

Comfort Revolution Aromatherapy - Lavender

Comfort Revolution Aromatherapy - Lavender 
Relax everyone in the meeting by logging in from this bedroom. In here, everyone is reminded to unclench their jaw and relax their shoulders.  

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe React

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe+™ React 
This bedroom is a humble brag that you probably woke up early and liked it, but maybe that’s just the endorphins talking. 

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe CoolFlip

Comfort Revolution Hydraluxe+™ CoolFlip™ 
Nothing is impossible as long as you work for it: you live your entire life like a boutique spin class, as demonstrated by this bedroom.